Design Trends – The She Shed

Published 12 Dec 2019

A new variant of the ever popular “Man Cave” that is trending hot for 2020 is the emergence of the feminine counterpart – The “She Shed” or “Zen Den”. The Modern She Shed is a beautifully designed personal escape space devised specifically for women. Taking care of yourself is all the rage and with health and wellness at the very forefront of the motive behind these popular spaces, the objective is to create a little sanctum that provides an opportunity to relax, rest and recharge.

The stress levels associated with modern living are escalating at a frantic pace; making it very difficult for both men and women to find enough quality “alone time” to recharge their batteries. The challenge for most women when they are at home is that there is an endless demand placed upon them for attention from their kids, spouses and their never-ending series of household duties. A She Shed offers a dedicated personal space where a woman can spend some alone time, surrounded by all of the things that are mentally, emotionally and physically meaningful to her. Even a short rest period in a tranquil and personalized environment can have far more beneficial and rejuvenating effects than a longer respite could provide elsewhere.

Humans are social creatures that thrive on the benefits that vital interpersonal relationships bring. But, more importantly, spending time with friends can greatly enhance your ability to help in reducing stress levels as well. A Zen Den offers the perfect way to help reconnect with and nourish your friendships without leaving your home by incorporating features such as sitting and dining areas, home office spaces, exercise, meditation, yoga and art studios, potting and pottery spaces and even reading and brunch spots. Most of all it is a female sanctuary dedicated entirely to women to provide a cozy little place to unplug, sit back, and relax and potentially even embrace a hobby that’s important to you.

Decorating a she shed isn’t necessarily about spending gobs of money—it’s about creating a space that feels relaxed. Sheer fabrics draped around the room, some soft lighting and extra pillows are effective ways to create an invitingly cozy vibe. Even if you don’t want a space to feel too traditionally feminine, the addition of a chandelier can make your She Shed feel instantly sumptuous.

For some, it’s about blurring the line between indoor and outdoor space. Add to the visual appeal of nature by surrounding it with colorful flower and herb filled window boxes, grassy plants, and climbing vines to establish a serene vibe. Let your shed feel like an extension of the outside space that surrounds it for an airy, tranquil effect and furnish it with pieces that feel cozy and serene.

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