SeaHaven Construction Update | July 2019

Published 30 Jul 2019

Team Encompass is eager to share the latest construction update for our most recent offering from SeaHaven… The Orchid Villa. From our recent drone footage you can see the stylish rooflines taking shape as we proceed through the various stages of the roofing process and our Orchid homeowners are getting excited as they see their new soon-to-be waterfront home coming to life!

Work completed to date:

  • Site has been cleared.
  • Pile layout completed.
  • Pile cages delivered on site.
  • All pile foundations have been installed.
  • Forms fabricated and installed
  • Foundation materials on site.
  • Grade beams are poured.
  • Blocks for stem wall completed.
  • Steelwork completed for slab.
  • MEP rough-ins for foundation are completed.
  • MEP inspection has been approved.
  • Pour slab for 1st floor completed.
  • Passed wall inspection for first floor.
  • Second floor trusses installed.
  • Second floor slab poured.
  • Belting completed.
  • 70% Roof installed.
  • 90% framing installed.
  • 70% Electrical Rough-ins.
  • 50% Plumbing Rough-ins.
  • 650% Mechanical
  • 97% Rendering completed.
  • 30% Dock completed.

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