DeckHouse 17 At The Ritz-Carlton – Spring Construction Update

Published 07 Apr 2020

The Encompass team has completed the following work during the spring at DeckHouse 17 at The Ritz-Carlton:

  • Pool Form and Steel Work Completed
  • Shooting the pool completed
  • Garage Slab steel and form work Completed
  • Pour Garage Slab completed
  • Plumbing Roughin Under Slab completed
  • Gas Roughin Under slab completed
  • Pour 1st floor CMU completed
  • 1st floor MEP Sleeves completed
  • Lintel Beams poured completed
  • 70% Lintel Beams, Formwork and Steelwork completed
  • Electrical rough-ins
  • Plumbing rough-ins
  • Steelwork performed
  • Formwork performed

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