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The professional team at Encompass Ltd take a unified and vertically integrated approach to managing every detail of the design/build process from the inception of the concept stage to the final phases of completion to ensure that they meet and exceed our client’s expectations every time. Our team manages your entire project including planning, design, budgeting, and construction. The key benefits to this approach are that the entire team works together resulting in a more efficient project plan, better quality control, more accurate and budget-driven estimates and tighter project schedules.

Your home should be a joy to live in and a pleasure to own – but what sets us apart from our competitors is our desire to make the home building process equally rewarding.



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Single-source accountability & quality control:

Because we manage your entire project, you have a single point of contact accountable to you. This eliminates communication failures. We carefully monitor the construction schedule and proactively manage changes to our exacting standards. This streamlines communication and helps eliminate confusion.  The pre job planning process starts early and our team become experts in the project before we even break ground.

Proven, established processes:

Unplanned changes and unforeseen conditions can be a project coordination nightmare when multiple parties are involved, leading to mistakes, higher costs, and extended time lines. A well-planned project using our streamlined internal processes allows for maximum efficiency. Information is streamlined and distributed to all necessary parties with Encompass managing and coordinating the entire process.  This ensures the integrity and success of the project.

Speed, efficiency, and cost control:

By working together as a single entity, we are able to create more detailed and accurate budgets and construction plans for your Grand Cayman property. This translates into less time, money, and stress. We carefully manage your project so that we can deliver it as promised.


Technology and building science is rapidly changing – As local leaders in this field, we strive to stay on the cutting edge of sustainable building practices to bring you the best products, materials and suppliers.

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