Harneys Commercial Fit-out

Encompass was tasked to perform a full scale commercial office renovation for Harney’s Global Offshore Law Firm with a construction scope of works as follows:

Cayman Construction

I’ve had the upmost pleasure to meet with the well versed and strategic Senior Project Manager, Mr. Eric Kline. Mr. Kline was very industrious to ensure the timelines and proposals for our project were conducive to our firm’s requirements from the very start! The Encompass team was unbelievably helpful and provided valuable project management support to myself and to my team here at HARNEYS. Encompass was instrumental in identifying and documenting key milestones throughout the life cycle of our renovation project. Despite the various challenges we were up against, Encompass was an integral part of our project team and played a critical role in identifying obstacles and creating contingency plans to mitigate risks to a successful renovation. In particular, the organizational and communication skills brought forth by the project manager, Mr. Emilio Quevedo were extensive and have been vital to the success of the project. As project lead, Mr. Quevedo portrayed proactive enthusiasm to exceed the necessary effort to discover details and to follow issues to closure; along with a genuine devotion and passion about the work, this added extensive value to our team. On behalf of the firm, I just want to extend a big THANK YOU for the backbreaking work Encompass portrayed; from the construction workers up to project management. I would recommend your services to any company on the Island and look forward to using your services again in the future!

Akeeme Berry, Operations Supervisor, HARNEYS
  • Remove existing kitchenette cabinets
  • Remove existing kitchenette countertop
  • Demo drywall partition
  • Demo all existing acoustical ceilings
  • Removal of all existing interior doors and door frames
  • Removal of existing tiles floors
  • Removal of existing carpet flooring
  • Supply and installation of metal studs for all partitions walls
  • Supply and installation of metal studs for drywall ceilings
  • Supply 3/8 clear tempered glass for windows
  • Supply dry glazing installation
  • Supply and install solid white maple doors
  • Supply and install Eco Guard folding 4 Panel doors for Meeting Rooms
  • Supply and install Glass Doors for Meeting Rooms
  • Supply and install all doors hinges and hardware
  • Supply and install new drywall partitions
  • Supply and install drywall to ceilings
  • Skim all drywall partitions and ceilings
  • Drywall installation to be Level 5 Finish
  • Supply and install commercial grade acoustic ceilings by Armstrong
  • Supply all painting materials for priming all walls and ceilings
  • Supply all Benjamin Moore paint and apply two coats of paint to walls and flat ceilings.
  • Supply and install new tile flooring to reception area.
  • Supply and install carpet tiles to all offices and meeting rooms.
  • Supply and install new tile flooring to lunch room and filing room.